Could HubSpot be the perfect marketing platform for your company?
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by Cetti Long

HubSpot is a full-service marketing and CRM suite to help power marketing efforts and generate qualified, warm leads that are ready to be converted. It helps us partner with companies of all types and sizes to take their inbound marketing efforts to the next level. It combines a CRM with a marketing platform, which helps harmonise sales and marketing, whilst enabling marketing teams to track lead sources and the lead status right from generation through to a confirmed sale.

Here at Media Matters, we love HubSpot and it’s no secret. We’re a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner and use this platform to run automated and inbound marketing campaigns for our clients (and ourselves!). HubSpot excels in many areas of marketing automation and offers good reporting features, too, which enable us, as marketers, to analyse, compare and improve campaigns so we can generate the very best results.

HubSpot can integrate with most CRM systems and provides us with all the tools for successful, joined-up marketing that combines inbound and automated campaigns.

Have you heard about HubSpot, but aren’t sure why it takes top spot for many organisations? Here, we’ve put together some of the things that we think sets it apart from the rest.

The benefits of HubSpot

HubSpot is an all-in-one platform for marketing

HubSpot offers marketers all we need to run joined-up, meaningful and effective marketing campaigns. From lead scoring to email marketing and landing pages to nurture sequences, HubSpot ensures no opportunity is left unexplored when it comes to lead generation and getting prospective customers into the sales funnel. You can say goodbye to having lots of different platforms from different providers; HubSpot wraps all this up in its complete offering.

HubSpot has a user-friendly interface

The HubSpot platform is easy to use and provides a great user experience. The interface and menus are easy to navigate and provide key features to help us marketers focus on the key parts of inbound marketing – crafting and sharing great content to connect with prospects and enhance the connection they feel to brands, companies and products.

HubSpot supports lifelong customer connections and exemplary customer experiences

Although HubSpot recognises the marketing funnel as a popular way to generate leads and manage your You can read and learn more about the flywheel approach on the HubSpot website.

HubSpot provides good analytics

Good marketing is powered by good data tracking and data analysis. When key data is used to make informed decisions – from the best time to send an email to content types that gain the most views and time on page – it is possible to tweak marketing efforts and create best practices that work. You may not get the fine-tuned details that you find in Google Analytics, but oftentimes these finite details are not used by marketing teams and the analytics tools offered by HubSpot on each of the channels supports marketers in the day-to-day decisions they need to make to inform planning. Perfect for avoiding those data rabbit holes!

HubSpot can improve your CRO

Good conversion rate optimisation – or CRO for short – can transform the number of leads you’re seeing drop into your inbox from your website. HubSpot’s appealing drag and drop landing page functionality gives marketers the opportunity to create, test and optimise user-friendly, informative, engaging landing pages without relying on developers or web teams to add these pages to the website. The various fields you can request from leads when filling in these forms means you can immediately assign prospects to the correct marketing nurture campaign or to the right sales department to get in touch.

HubSpot helps schedule and manage content and social

HubSpot enables us marketers to schedule content and social media content to ensure it is shared at the right time, on the right platform and to the right campaign. With HubSpot, we can schedule posts to Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to stay ahead of sharing content and maximising inbound lead potential with its automated marketing features to help your content and marketing efforts go further.

Want to know more about how HubSpot could support your marketing efforts?

If you like the sound of HubSpot but would like to know more about how we get set up and how long it may take before warm leads are landing in your pipeline, we’re always happy to chat. Get in touch with the team and take the first step towards meaningful inbound marketing.

The Author

Cetti Long

Cetti entered the world of journalism, like Dawn, before jumping into agency life and becoming part of the MM family 20-plus years ago. She’s written literally thousands of pieces of content during this time for both B2C and B2B clients. If we’re ever after a hook for an article or a great headline, Cetti is our ‘go to’! Her passion is written PR and securing coverage both in print and online so as our clients’ message reaches the widest possible audience, every time.
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