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MMA embarked on a journey of digital transformation with Bray Solutions, a dynamic logistics company that sought to revitalise its online presence and drive business growth. In collaboration with Media Matters Agency, Bray embarked on a strategic initiative to elevate its brand visibility, optimise lead generation, and enhance market positioning.

Explore how our tailored solutions and collaborative approach propelled Bray Solutions towards achieving its business objectives and establishing a formidable presence in the competitive logistics landscape.

Their expertise and dedication streamlined our website overhaul process, resulting in tangible business growth and enhanced market positioning.

Steve Mills

Commercial Manager, Bray Solutions

Our Solution

Through meticulous SEO audits, thorough competitor analyses, and collaborative sessions with Bray’s team, we crafted a holistic strategy to address their marketing objectives. Central to this strategy was the creation of a new website, meticulously designed to meet Bray’s evolving needs and aspirations. We also formulated a comprehensive content strategy, strategically tailored to engage Bray’s target audience at every stage of their buyers’ journey, thereby maximising their potential for conversions.

Bray’s social media presence needed a refresh, so we optimised their LinkedIn profile and implemented enhancements to bolster their online presence and visibility within their industry. 


The revamped website boasts enhanced functionality, improved navigation, and compelling content, reinforcing Bray’s position as an industry leader. In a matter of days since going live, Bray has experienced significant improvements in various key metrics, including increased search visibility, a surge in lead generation, and heightened brand recognition within their industry niche. We’ll be updating this case study with the actual data as soon as we have it.

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