“Implementation of HubSpot has made a real difference in bringing together our internal teams and processes. Moving deals down the pipeline is so much more visible which makes the whole process and what we are trying to achieve – more sales – so much more accountable.

Hydropac sought to enhance their operations, elevate their online presence and reach new audiences they hadn’t explored yet. Our collaboration with Hydropac lead to implementing HubSpot’s Marketing Hub package, revolutionising their sales and marketing strategies. From integrating HubSpot with their e-commerce platform to executing targeted inbound marketing campaigns, we witnessed firsthand how Hydropac’s engagement rates skyrocketed, and their sales pipeline flourished.


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Hydropac, a leading provider of packaging solutions based in the UK, approached Media Matters Agency with a unique challenge. With an outdated accounting software system and no CRM in place, they needed a comprehensive solution to track and manage leads while revamping their online presence with a new website. We stepped in to oversee the integration of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub package, enabling Hydropac to seamlessly integrate their sales and marketing efforts.

It was always going to be a major project for us with potential issues along the way but it’s been much easier than we could have anticipated, and we’re delighted with the end result and the results we’re already getting from using it. For any companies needing someone to onboard, integrate and train them on a new CRM system, I’d highly recommend MMA

Rebecca Hailstone

Customer Service Executive, Hydropac Ltd.

Our Solution

We embarked on a multifaceted approach to address Hydropac’s needs by orchestrating the implementation of HubSpot’s CRM system, ensuring a smooth transition for their service and sales teams. By consolidating their operations onto a single platform, they gained full visibility into their sales pipeline, streamlining communication and collaboration between sales and marketing teams. In addition to CRM implementation, we facilitated the integration of HubSpot with WooCommerce. This integration enabled Hydropac to track and re-engage with potential leads who abandoned their carts, a capability they lacked previously. It also helped them track ROI from marketing spend through the HubSpot platform. 

With data integration and audience segmentation, we were able to execute full-scale inbound marketing campaigns. Through targeted email marketing and paid advertising initiatives, Hydropac could now directly engage with their audience, driving traffic to key landing pages and generating valuable leads. 


The results of Hydropac’s partnership with us was nothing short of remarkable.  Engagement rates soared, and instant chat functionalities led to meaningful conversations that converted leads into customers. 

  • Increased organic traffic value to £20,000 post-website launch 
  • Connected sales, marketing and customer service through HubSpot 
  • Advanced reporting and measurement on leads
  • Reignited database to increase sales through email marketing 

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