“MMA is very pro-active as an agency. They work very closely with us, totally ‘get’ what we are doing, and it’s a very collaborative relationship.”

SimonsVoss, a leader in digital locking systems, faced the challenge of adapting its marketing strategy amidst global upheavals. In collaboration with Media Matters Agency, we strategically harnessed the power of social media to revolutionise lead generation. From repositioning key stakeholders as industry thought leaders to igniting meaningful conversations with resellers, discover how SimonsVoss transformed its brand presence and amplified its market influence.


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SimonsVoss has been at the forefront of digital innovation in the security industry for over three decades. With a mission to enhance safety, comfort, and efficiency, the company has pioneered the integration of digital technology into traditional locking systems. However, faced with the challenges of a global pandemic and shifting market dynamics, SimonsVoss needed to rethink its marketing strategy to adapt to the changing landscape while optimising its budget allocation, which is where Media Matters Agency stepped up to the plate.

I am so busy and that’s why I need to know Amy and her team have got my back. A great working partnership.

Bruce Donald

National Sales Manager UK & Ireland at SimonsVoss Technologies Ltd

Our Solution

Recognising the unparalleled potential of organic and social media channels for lead generation, SimonsVoss partnered with Media Matters Agency to elevate its brand presence and expand its reach. One key aspect of the strategy involved the creation of Bruce’s profile page (National Sales Director) —a platform to position him as a thought leader within the security industry. Leveraging engaging content and strategic networking, Bruce’s profile became a catalyst for sparking meaningful conversations, particularly with resellers, thereby amplifying SimonsVoss’s market influence and lead generation capabilities. 


The results of SimonsVoss’s strategic shift were nothing short of remarkable. Year-on-year, the company witnessed a substantial increase in leads, propelled by the enhanced visibility and engagement generated through social media. Brand mentions and search figures soared, signalling a significant uptick in brand awareness and market visibility.  

Noteworthy Metrics Over the past 12 months 

  • Branded search impressions – 175.5% increase YoY (to date) 
  • Increase on traffic from LinkedIn – 159.3% YoY (to date) 
  • Total branded search impressions in last 12 months: 107,365 
  • Direct traffic – 54% increase YoY (to date)  
  • Organic search traffic – 79.8% increase YoY (to date) 
  • Last 12 months – Total of 6.9M search impressions and 257K clicks (collective branded and non-branded total) 


This success not only reaffirmed the effectiveness of SimonsVoss’s collaboration with Media Matters Agency but also underscored the power of leveraging social media as a driver of lead generation and brand growth. 

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