“Amy and the MMA team have become an important extension of our in-house marketing department.”

Discover how Media Matters Agency has been an invaluable partner to Hegarty, providing essential support to their internal marketing manager and contributing to the strategic growth of their brand.

Since 2018, we’ve collaborated closely, offering a blend of expertise and guidance to navigate the complexities of digital marketing while managing internal business demands. Let’s delve into how our partnership has empowered Hegarty UK to expand its territorial reach, enhance its online presence, and achieve remarkable growth in the competitive market landscape. 






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Navigating the intricate realm of digital marketing while juggling internal business priorities poses significant challenges for any marketing manager.

Since 2018, Hegarty has entrusted Media Matters Agency to provide essential support and guidance to their internal marketing team. With a focus on growth and territorial expansion, Hegarty sought a reliable partner to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape and propel their brand forward. 

Having a quality external team that I know has my back is very reassuring. They also happen to be a really lovely bunch of people!

Laura Charnley

Marketing Manager, Hegarty

Our Solution

Through our partnership with Hegarty, Media Matters Agency has offered tailored solutions and strategic guidance to address their unique marketing needs.  

We collaborated closely with Hegarty to craft a comprehensive marketing strategy focused on amplifying visibility in their key service areas: divorce, trust, and probate. We also extended our support to promote their conveyancing services and newly established local branches. This involved extensive conducting thorough research to gain insights into the local and national digital landscape, providing valuable context for identifying market share opportunities. Our scope of work included developing a tailored content strategy designed to resonate with their target audience at various lifecycle stages, such as those buying their first home or seeking financial planning advice. By shifting towards relationship-building and cultivating brand advocates, we aimed to foster long-term engagement and loyalty.


Our collaboration with Hegarty has yielded tangible results, including the successful launch of new regional branches and the expansion of their territorial reach to a vast audience of potential clients. Year on year our efforts have contributed to growing Hegarty’s visibility by increasing their keyword rankings for terms aligned with their commercial objectives. As a result, Hegarty say they have experienced a significant increase in lead generation, and heightened brand recognition within their industry niche.

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