Account based marketing (ABM)

The ultimate B2B targeted strategy

Hyper-targeted marketing

Generating leads from your key accounts

Perfect for B2B marketing, this is a super-targeted, highly-personalised method for driving direct to your high-value accounts. ABM campaigns are so specific they can be a better use of marketing budget.

Reaching top customers

The benefits of an ABM campaign


Marketing and sales in tune

Defining high-value accounts and applying a totally personal approach aligns sales and marketing – all teams working towards the same goal.

Consistent customer experience

By building an ABM strategy and running campaigns you’ll be delivering consistently high quality, organised sets of activities.

Streamlined sales cycle

ABM allows you to build a tactical process to follow, making you more efficient, spending time/resource on valued accounts, not a large fishing pool!

Measure its value

You can easily measure your ROI per account targeted, identify best results and crank up ABM tactics amongst similar accounts.

Quality over quantity

Spending time delighting fewer high value accounts will pay off with potentially more business and referrals from them. 

Select a good agency

You need an account-based marketing agency with both the experience and results of running ABM campaigns to give you the best ROI.

Questions you may have

Every account-based marketing strategy and campaign is different. It needs to be tailored to your target accounts.

Content needs to be highly personalised and relevant to make an impression and tactics and channels used need to be totally in tune with your end audience, to meet them in the right mindset and right time in their customer journey.

Nothing should be left to chance. Building a persona of your target accounts means you know and understand them and how their minds work.

This information is gold dust in creating the right strategy, messaging and positioning to ensure you are 100% aligned with them.

What is account-based marketing in a nutshell?

Account-based marketing is a hyper-targeted growth strategy which brings sales and marketing teams together to create personalised campaigns delivered to an identified set of high value target accounts.

How does account-based marketing work?

For us, as an account-based marketing agency, it’s a six-step process to creating an ABM campaign.
In very, very simple terms:


  1. Identifying your target audience/key accounts with you
  2. Building a campaign plan
  3. Setting KPIs
  4. Creating content and assets
  5. Time to test and go live
  6. Monitoring, measuring and feeding back to you, every step of the way
How does ABM fit with inbound marketing?

The two work really well together – inbound helps to attract the high value accounts in the first place, allowing account-based marketing to step in and help win and delight these accounts through a highly-targeted process which means a great customer experience.

How can you measure the ROI of account-based marketing?

It’s simple. This is not a scattergun approach or a fishing exercise. It’s so targeted, the sales teams will have their contact list of key accounts and be able to link up all new enquiries, new leads, new business, as the campaign gets underway. As so much of the campaign is digital, we’ll be able to measure response rates, conversions and goals achieved too.

What channels are used in account-based marketing?

This largely depends on where your key accounts are. For a B2B account, we would expect LinkedIn to factor as an important channel; there may be a need for paid search, email and even a direct mail element. The critical part is understanding how we reach your audience in their preferred communication arena – as we’ve said already on this page, it’s about truly aligning your business with their business to get the best possible outcome.

Can you use marketing automation in ABM campaigns?

You certainly can. In fact, it makes a huge amount of sense as it allows everything to be organised and flowing on time. Everyone (sales and marketing) has sight of everything at any given time and this means momentum continues unhindered and your audience gets the best experience.

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