Content marketing services

Strategic, informed and optimised

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Content marketing that drives results

Strategic and informed content will help establish you or your business as an authority on the topics that matter to your audience, manage your reputation and ensure that you widen your SEO footprint.

Content marketing services

High performing content is what matters


Content strategy

With so many channels vying for attention, your content can soon get out of control. Start with a well-researched content strategy that applies data, search, buyer personas and insights from your business and you’ll soon start to see the results.

Email marketing

Nurturing your customers through great email is a critical way to retaining them and converting more sales. But why stop there – segmenting lists and personalising further through automation will drive even better results.

SEO optimised content

It’s not about writing for search engines, this is copy that speaks to your audience. Great content answers questions, queries and points of interest gleaned from search data, while ensuring you rank for relevant keywords, driving engaged users to your site.

Digital PR

Good reputations are hard earned and easily lost – especially in the digital space. Great PR, online and offline, is a different skillset from your average content writing. Engage with a good PR agency (hello!) to ensure the best experience and outcome for your brand.

Content promotion

Creating the content, whether it’s data, industry comment, thought leadership articles, gated or creative and interactive pieces, is only half the job. Next, that incredible piece of content needs amplifying if it’s going to earn its stripes and bring you leads.

Reputation management

First impressions of your business may well start with an online search. Your website and brand need to echo who and what you are – the content and messaging needs to be authentic and real. Every piece of content grows from here.

Questions you may have

If you’re not sure what type of content marketing services you need, have a quick glance through some of our questions and answers below and it might help shape your thinking. If you’re still not sure, we love talking ‘content’ so give us a call!

We’re extremely passionate about content. It has underpinned our agency from day one and we treat every piece of content, whether it’s five words or 5,000, as a piece of carefully crafted work.

What is content marketing?

In a nutshell, content marketing is the art of communicating with your target audience by providing useful, relevant, added-value information across a range of the right channels for your business.

Why is content marketing so important?

It is so often the foundation on which every other element of your marketing activity grows from. You need to have consistent messaging for customers to ‘get’ you; campaigns need to come alive with the right words; an image can grab attention but it will likely be the persuasive content alongside that encourages a customer response – you get the idea. Content is very much ‘king’, to coin an overused but very true phrase!

What is creative content?

Creative content is so much more than the written word. Yes, it might be a blog or words for a new landing page for your website. But it could also be an ebook, an infographic to illustrate the results of your latest survey, or a meme for social. A podcast or a piece of video. The list is endless and all lend themselves brilliantly to inbound marketing.

Is content marketing inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a way to attract customers by creating valuable and useful content and experiences that are tailored specifically to them. It compliments and works with content marketing, and vice versa.

How can you measure the ROI of content marketing?

Much depends upon the type of content being created and we’ll set up the right KPI for each. The great thing about digital content is that so much of it can now be tracked. We’ll provide KPI reports for you to see how it’s performing.

How are content and SEO linked?

Popularity in search engines is defined by the quality and value of content, amongst other factors. Your website visitor is looking for information, advice, expertise and insight – value added content. Having an understating of keywords and customer intent enables us to create optimised content that doesn’t compromise on authenticity and relevancy. This goes for other areas of SEO content writing too, including link building articles and digital PR.

Ready to see some real marketing results?

Get in touch today to see how inbound marketing and accurate tracking can measure ROI and grow your business.


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