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Technology, strategic thinking and creativity is the winning combination you need when you automate your marketing for a better, more efficient way of working.

Key benefits

Why marketing automation?



Reducing manual processes and using the same software to post on social, create email campaigns, upload blogs and create landing pages makes sense for already stretched teams.

Aligning marketing and sales

If you combine your sales and marketing automation by using the same software, you’ll be able to align company goals and efforts.

Lead scoring

Marketing automation software can set up lead scoring, flagging to sales when a MQL becomes a SQL, allowing them to reach out to prospects immediately.

Increase conversion rate

Automation software not only tracks leads, you can use it to retarget visitors who don’t convert, increasing your CRO.

Time to analyse

It will generate automated reports and give you a high-level overview to identify what’s working and what isn’t.

Personalised approach

Your lead nurturing process should be as personal as possible through social, search ads and email. Automation enables this to happen.

Questions you may have

If you’re looking to bring in efficiencies and streamline processes in your busy marketing team then automation has to be on your ‘to do’ list.

Not only will it improve your marketing, it will free up team resource to spend on more creative areas.

As HubSpot partners, we use the HubSpot platform for our marketing automation work.

It’s proved a massive success for us, in terms of streamlining activities, joining up our campaigns through workflows and seeing at a glance what the data is saying and allowing us to tweak areas up or down for even better results.

What is marketing automation?

It’s basically using technology to streamline specific elements of marketing activity, meaning the work and the people delivering it, are more effective and efficient. So, moving away from some mundane manual tasks and freeing up time for the all-important creativity which is essential.

How does marketing automation work?

Using a software platform you can automate repetitive tasks such as email marketing, social media posting and ad campaigns. This means working in advance on nurture sequences to segmented lists and workflow campaigns that provide a much more personalised line of communication to your target audience, increasing your potential to convert. 

Why has marketing automation become so popular?

It’s very much in line with the overall shift in marketing brought on by the digital transformation. Data allows us to understand our audience in far more detail and promote ourselves to them in a much more personal way. No more scattergun emails or generic social messaging, we can be highly-tailored and bespoke to our audience and automation supports exactly this.

Isn’t marketing automation all about mail marketing?

There are a host of marketing activities you can apply to an automated system, you need to choose what’s relevant to reach your specific audience. In the very best cases, you join up your marketing automation with the company’s CRM system – this way sales and marketing will be truly aligned and this cross-department working will pay dividends.

How can you measure the ROI of marketing automation?

You can create automated reports in the software which will deliver all the necessary analytics to show you at a glance where there might be complications or friction points. This overview means you have visibility and can change activity rather than letting something run and potentially waste budget. It makes for efficient marketing and has the data and metrics to show what each element is costing.

Does HubSpot provide automation software?

Yes it does. It’s our partner of choice and we’ve been using the software for several years now and love it! It’s simple, intuitive, and easy to pick up and use. We’d highly recommend it if you’re thinking of automating your marketing.

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