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Only by recognising your objectives and matching the right marketing channels to use, can you truly create a measurable and effective inbound digital marketing strategy that delivers results.

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Setting objectives

Your business has a target for the year, a joined-up marketing strategy needs to work as hard as possible to help achieve it.

Using data and insights

Decisions are based upon evidence, what the data is showing. Competitor audits, industry insight and audience persona work are critical. 

Only the right tools

Channels are selected because they are best for the job, will work as one and support a hard-working inbound marketing strategy.

Realistic strategy

A multi-channel inbound strategy that is insight-based, fully measurable with clear KPIs, is the best foundation to realistically achieve your businesses’ objectives.


In-house, out-sourced, or both – ensure your team of marketing strategists has ‘business’ experience to create and deliver a fully joined-up marketing strategy.


Cross-channel activity needs consistent tracking and reports as results will educate and drive the next quarter’s plan of the strategy. Best ROI always.

Questions you may have

Marketing strategy is the reference point, the essential glue that keeps everything on track. Without it, there’s no clear marketing direction, work becomes fragmented and ineffective and, worst of all, budget is wasted.

Good strategy should combine the right channels with clear joined-up thinking. That means a marketing team that is all pulling in the right direction, whether that’s through an on-going retained marketing approach or even a shorter strategic project.

What is a marketing strategy agency?

A marketing strategy agency is made up of marketing strategists with proven experience and an essential combination of business intellect and tactical knowledge to be able to apply the very best thinking to your specific company’s needs. It’s not an ‘off the shelf’ solution, it’s based upon insight, data and evidence and will be measured every step of the way.

What does a marketing strategy include?

Marketing strategy services to provide you with a clear strategy for your business will include everything from initial discovery sessions, to understand you and your business, through to external auditing of the sector you operate in, your competition and a deep dive into what the data is showing right now. For a great inbound strategy, getting as close as possible to your target audience with some audience persona work is really important. All this helps to write up a joined-up, multi-channel strategy that’s personal and right for your business.

How do you create a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is thinking that maps out the longer-term picture for a business; an overview of what it wants to achieve over the course of time, a year at the very least. The strategy is then divided into bitesize plans – usually over a quarter of the year/three months – and a plan of action for inbound marketing with a more tactical bias, is drawn up.

Strategy vs activity – what’s the difference?

The difference is ad hoc, shoot from the hip, unqualified set of actions which could potentially bust your budget and give you little to show for it at the end, as opposed to a defined, clear way forward that is planned with timelines and scheduling and actually joins all of the right channels of activity together for maximum effect and results. There’s no comparison really!  

How can you measure the results of your strategy?

Measuring results of a strategy should be easy. Start by setting a range of KPIs at the outset – some of these will align with your business objectives, others will be digitally-led. Month by month the metrics will be gathered and used to influence what happens next. If you’re getting great results from specific activity, turn up the activity and turn down the least effective. But, look at the data and what the insights show you – are there seasonal trends or other key reasons behind the metrics. The great thing is that the data will inform you – nothing is left to chance.

How long does a strategy take to create?

Strategy is the starting point and the foundation from which all activity will flow. It needs to be given proper time for research and gathering the insights that will make a written strategy as aligned and true to your business as possible. We’re not going to grab a template and squeeze your information into it; this is about bespoke time spent getting to know you and your business to ensure the end strategy 100% reflects accurately the company, its objectives and where it sits within its industry. 

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