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People buy from people. Your personal brand is more important than ever to you in today’s digital space. Creating an authentic persona that resonates with your target audience will deliver results.

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We’ll sit down with you and tease out the detail that makes you shine as an individual – your personal values, expertise, objectives.

Personal brand guidelines

A set of guidelines, unique to you, provides you with your own framework when it comes to messaging and sharing on social. Consistency is key.

Curating content

We’ll apply our learning to create social content that totally reflects you and your personality and builds affinity and following with your target audience.

Graphics and video

Grabbing audience attention with some clever graphics or a piece of film of you will bring your brand to life, giving you an edge on the competition.

Thought leadership

Positioning you as an expert in your field, we’ll use LinkedIn and your website to host insightful content and use outreach techniques for press, guest blog and podcast opportunities.


Building a personal brand needs an overarching strategy to ensure the objectives remain on track. We can measure brand growth this way too.

Questions you may have

This isn’t about being shouty or loud – it’s bringing you and your personality to life digitally to increase your profile and help drive interest and potential new leads directly to you.

Our agency has some great content writers who love curating bespoke personal branding content for everything from LinkedIn posts to 5,000-word white papers – all on your behalf.

What is a personal brand?

It’s the perception of an individual or the impression we have of someone. It’s usually built up through what we know about them – their skillset, experience, knowledge, what they have to say.

Why are personal brands becoming so popular?

With so much digital noise, the content that gets noticed and means the most is the authentic and real messaging. It stands out and holds real value, not least because it’s genuine, honest and real. If people can find affinity with what you’re saying as an individual brand they’ll start to follow and listen to you.

What results does personal branding achieve?

Personal branding brings you exposure digitally to your target audience. If it’s done well, it will plant you in front of people you’d like to do with business with. It’s an inbound tool which will help bring the right audience directly to you.

Is personal branding part of inbound marketing?

Yes, personal branding is part of the inbound marketing toolkit. Through a personal branding strategy you can build an individual persona which gets you noticed, encourages following, influences people to reach out and engage with you and, ultimately, triggers them to get in touch and do business with you.

Does personal branding enhance the success of a corporate brand?

Yes it does. Back in the day, we all spent more time networking in person. You might still do this. But treat your digital presence as an online opportunity to grow your network further. At the same time, your business brand is getting more exposure. It’s great for growth, it’s also great for recruitment too.

Does personal branding generate ROI?

It does because it can all be measured and reported on. We’ll set KPIs with you in advance and provide monthly updates on exactly what’s being achieved. We’ll turn up or increase the activity or messaging that’s bringing the best results and switch down anything that’s not gaining traction. It’s all about watching the data which we’ll do on your behalf.

Ready to see some real marketing results?

Get in touch today to see how inbound marketing and accurate tracking can measure ROI and grow your business.


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