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Website design and development is more than a beautifully crafted website, it should provide a great user experience where your audience builds trust and users convert simply.

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Communication at every step

The most successful website projects come from solid action plans with timelines, deadlines, full scoping and accountability.

Impactful UX

User experience is critical – and on all devices. An easy to navigate site will help support rising engagement, more conversions and business growth.

Impeccable design

Creative design aligned with your band including iconography, typography, colour palettes, imagery and animation.

Best practice

Using best practise build methods and modern design trends, means your business gets a shop window that 100% represents your brand.

Content & copywriting

Content that’s aligned with your target audience, tailored to their buyer journey and guided by SEO. It flows naturally, reflecting your brand tone of voice.

Custom functions

Everything from custom APIs and geolocated data with interactive map displays, to expert data and lead tracking – it’s covered.

Questions you may have

A website project is a partnership – we join forces with you so we can truly understand your vision and exactly what you want to achieve. It’s our job to map this out for you, get your approval and then start building and designing your next hard-working, high-performing website which you’re not only delighted with but also extremely proud of!

A well designed, functional website that represents your brand and makes your business and services much more accessible to your target audience fully supports the inbound marketing methodology. It’s all about helping you grow your brand and your business – and so are we!

What is website design and development?

Website design and development are the two basic elements needed to provide you with a new website. Design looks after the aesthetics and user experience while development will turn a sitemap into a fully functioning online platform for you with all the necessary plug-ins, forms and coding you need.

How long does it take to design and develop a website?

There are several stages from the initial scoping meeting – to understand what you want to achieve from your site)

What is the cost of a new website?

It’s pretty impossible to give a ballpark figure until we know what you need. We’ve worked on everything from basic 30-page brochure-style websites right through to e-commerce sites with hundreds of pages and products. Nothing phases us so let us know what you’re wanting to achieve and we can work out a cost for you.

How often will we communicate during our website project?

Communication is critical. We’ll draw up a scope of work and a project plan – this keeps us all on track and everyone accountable for their specific areas of responsibility. You’ll meet our design and development team and a project manager will be your continual point of contact. The timeline will be updated throughout to ensure we’re on track. You’ll get to see the new site as soon as possible. It’s an extremely thorough process but a very exciting one too!

What is the difference between website design and website development?

While website design is all about how your website looks and feels on the outside (from the end user perspective), web development takes care of the functionality, how it works including the actual build and coding process. The two are separate disciplines and it’s usually helpful to find a website design and development agency that can do both as the two parts are most definitely linked and need to work together.  

What does good website design look like?

It’s a subjective question in many ways as we all have websites we like and others we don’t. From a marketing perspective, the design needs to be on brand. It also needs to be as simple and user-friendly as possible as we need it to work effectively to take users around your site, gaining understanding and trust in what they can see and read, so as they ultimately take an action – fill in a contact form, call you direct, subscribe to your email, jump on a social icon and start following you on social, you get the idea. Your website is your shop window, it’s there to educate, inform and entice your buyer to come in and buy!

What happens to our website once it’s built and goes live?

The work can’t stop there – your website is almost like a living entity. It needs continually nurturing with fresh content (to help support its organic search ranking); it needs checking over physically from a technical perspective (technology evolves, updates appear and your site needs to be performing at the peak of fitness to be found and navigated by users); it’s also an incredible vehicle on which to run campaigns for lead generation. For all of this, you obviously need on-going support – something we do for many, many clients already and would love to do for you.

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