6 Benefits of Marketing Automation for SMEs
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by Rudi van der Westhuizen

Marketing automation has been a buzzword in the marketing world for a while now, and it’s not just for large corporations. Small businesses can also take advantage of this technology to streamline their marketing efforts and improve their bottom line.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the use of technology to streamline and simplify marketing tasks and processes. It involves using software to automate repetitive marketing tasks, such as email marketing, social media management, lead generation, and customer segmentation. The goal of marketing automation is to increase efficiency and productivity, while also improving the customer experience and driving better business outcomes. By automating routine tasks, businesses can free up valuable time and resources to focus on strategy, creativity, and high-level decision-making.

Not sure if marketing automation would benefit your business? A study by Forrester Research found that companies that use marketing automation see a 10% increase in their sales productivity and a 12.2% increase in their overall revenue. That is only one of the many more benefits of marketing automation.

Here are some more benefits of marketing automation for small businesses:

  • Saves Time and Increases Efficiency: No one can deny that certain tasks just take up more time than they’re worth. Marketing automation tools automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as email marketing, social media management, and lead generation, freeing up valuable time for business owners to focus on other aspects of their business. You can potentially reduce staffing costs while freeing up your team’s time to work on more important, strategic projects so that your team has more time to brainstorm and do creative work.
  • Improves Customer Experience: Marketing automation tools can be used to personalise communication with customers, providing a more personalised experience and building stronger relationships. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Increases Lead Generation: The point of business is more leads right? Marketing automation can help small businesses generate more leads by automating lead-generation processes and providing valuable insights into potential customers. This can result in a significant increase in conversions and sales.
  • Provides Valuable Analytics: Marketing automation tools provide valuable data and insights into customer behaviour and preferences, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimise their marketing efforts.
  • Improves ROI: Marketing automation can help small businesses improve their return on investment by reducing the cost of marketing campaigns and increasing their effectiveness. This leads to a higher ROI and more profitability for the business.
  • Enhances Marketing Collaboration: Marketing automation can help small businesses enhance collaboration between different departments and teams, making it easier to coordinate marketing efforts and achieve common goals.

Marketing automation can provide numerous benefits for small businesses, from increasing efficiency and lead generation to improving customer experiences and enhancing marketing collaboration. By implementing marketing automation tools, small businesses can level the playing field with larger corporations and achieve their marketing goals more effectively and efficiently. Get in touch with Media Matters for more information about how marketing automation can help your business.


The Author

Rudi van der Westhuizen

Rudi also joined the MM family in 2021. His strengths lie in digital marketing with an emphasis on eCommerce, tech, SEO, search engine marketing and website development. With Brad, he runs his own agency in South Africa, while partnering with us to help support our own national and international clients. Rudi’s passion is new technology and getting excited around digital innovation and how it can help businesses to grow and thrive.
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