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Getting leads direct from your website is the holy grail. The secret is, using the right search engine optimisation techniques for your business to get you there.

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How SEO can help generate leads for your business


Start with an audit

Improving visibility in search engine results is only part of the picture. Audits detail SEO priorities and will get your site working hard for you

Think strategy

Quick fix SEO brings short-lived results and isn’t the answer. Strategy, and not one pulled off the shelf, will gear your site up for delivering you leads, not just traffic


You need a fit and healthy website that search engines love, so on-site SEO is your number one starting point

Content value

The right mix of relevant, valued-added content will make a world of difference to your search engine optimisation. Knowing the best type is key


Don’t ignore off-site SEO too. Building an online presence and linking back to your site from other authority domains shows you’re credible and trustworthy and of value to Google

Don’t forget ‘Local’

Don’t overlook what’s right under your nose! A more specific approach with local SEO will help get you shown up on your patch

Questions you may have

Optimising a website page and making it more engaging for the end user, is the process of SEO in a very brief nutshell.  
SEO is an important part of digital marketing because your ultimate aim is to get people to your site and making buying decisions when they get there. Your website without any SEO support leaves the majority of websites invisible when it comes to organic search.

SEO requires a strategy based upon an audit of what your site is currently doing or not doing. That means a bespoke plan of action, not an off-the-shelf SEO package which promises the world in a matter of weeks. 
SEO best practice requires a period of time to bring the results that will get you achieving a consistent flow of high quality leads. Don’t settle for shortcut tactics which could potentially see your site penalised by the search engines.  

What is SEO?

SEO means search engine optimisation and it’s the process used to optimise a website’s technical performance, the relevance of its content and its link popularity. These are all factors which count when it comes to assessing how easy the website pages are to find, how useful and relevant is the information included on the pages and how many times are they being visited by users. These indicators show just how helpful a site is in user search. If it’s doing well, this will influence the search engines and the site will get a better ranking.

What are the four types of SEO?

On-page on on-site SEO  – this refers to the process of optimising the content actually on your website and will include looking at meta descriptions, keywords, meta titles, images and headers. 

Off-page or off-site SEO – this applies to all the activity that happens away from your site and includes digital PR and outreach, guest blogging, for instance – where you can get your site sat on other authority domains, providing you with valuable links back to your own site – something Google loves and will definitely help your rise in the rankings. 

– Technical SEO – this is an ever evolving process due to the changing algorithms so means your site needs monitoring and maintaining consistently. Search engines crawl your site to check out your user experience, including elements such as speed of page loads, how friendly is it to view on a mobile or tablet, and site navigation – will the user have an easy-to-use experience. All of these elements will score you higher or lower in the rankings depending upon what the algorithms believe is ’best practice’ currently. 

– Local SEO this is all about focusing on a specific area and increasing your presence in your community by promoting your products and services to local people. In Google, how well you rank on Google My Business impacts on your overall Google ranking so it shouldn’t be ignored. 

Why is SEO important for inbound marketing?

The two work hand in hand. Without SEO, it’s unlikely you’ll get the right kind of targeted traffic to your website. Optimised content, totally aligned with your customer personas, will attract the right people at the right stage in their customer journey. 

Why is keyword research important for SEO? 
Keyword research shows you which are the current trending search terms – the most popular terms people are using to search for a specific product or service. Keyword research is a little like market research – you need to understand what’s important and constitutes vital information to your target customers so as you can write relevant and useful content in these specific areas, with the right keywords, to appear in the search rankings yourself and start to get noticed.

Is Content marketing part of SEO?

Absolutely, it forms a big part of on-page optimisation. It’s all about writing quality, useful and highly relevant content that your website users are going to love and want to share. A good content strategy will have SEO at the heart of it. It’s essential.

Can SEO help lead generation?

With the right type of SEO strategy (we base our SEO strategy on an inbound marketing approach) you’ll make your website a brilliant lead generation tool. It’s your shop window, it’s got to be working hard and with the right SEO plan in place, it’ll deliver you a consistent stream of qualified leads.

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

Some aspects of SEO (for instance, the technical elements) can be made instantly and there’s sometimes a noticeable upsurge in traffic or user behaviour on your site. But generally, SEO activity is a longer process. It will probably take six to 12 months to show a measurable increase in traffic and associated leads or conversions.  

What is the cost of SEO?

It depends on what needs doing. We begin all SEO work by proposing an SEO audit of your site at the outset. This provides a temperature check of where it sits right now and from this, we’ll provide a full audit breakdown of what’s doing well, what’s not and what needs fixing in priority order. As we said in the last question, this is a long game, so we’ll put together a suggested package of SEO activity to improve the site which works across a number of months, and which spreads the cost. As we say, the best starting point is an audit and we can provide you with a cost for this in advance, if you’re interested to know. 

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