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Social isn’t a ‘nice to have’, it’s at the core of your marketing strategy. Done correctly it will amplify your brand at the same time as contributing to your business growth.

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Our workshops update and maximise your team’s social skills while our energy and passion for social will inspire them!

Strategies and audits

Without strategy, posts can be a waste of time and energy. We’ll asses where you are, where you need to get to and set a plan.

Social media management

Despite best intentions, social posting in-house usually drops off after a strong start. That’s when a great social media agency pays off.

Videos and graphics

With so much online noise, social posts need something special to grab attention. Graphics and video are a must. We’ll show you how.

Community management

Response rates need to be super speedy to demonstrate you’re a switched-on brand. If you’re too busy, we can  do this.

Paid social advertising

Reach your target audience much quicker and more directly on social media with one of our paid ad campaigns.

Questions you may have

So many brands fall into a trap of just posting their content on social media and stopping there.

We’re strong believers in posting content that adds real value, we always aim to target conversations, focus on getting results for our clients and deliver social media that has a purpose.

We’ll work with you to weave social media into your inbound marketing strategy, ensuring every post works hard for your budget.

We’re creative thinkers, with a PR perspective, making sure tone, wording and style are right.

Why hire a social media agency?

Because a social media agency has staff who are immersed in the platforms continually. They live and breathe social. They not only understand each platform, they get the nuances of B2B and B2C online cultures and communities, language and tones, in what are changing landscapes. Why risk your hand (and budget) in this melting pot when you can ask agency experts to do it for you with a measurable strategic approach.

How much does social media marketing cost?

It will depend on how many platforms; how regular you need to be posting to your target audience; whether you have an in-house social team or if you’re looking to outsource to a social media agency; if you need community management help, and so on. But, most importantly, costs will be influenced ultimately by what you’re wanting to achieve.

How do you measure the impact of social media marketing?

Everything can be measured so we’ll set some KPIs for you that are in line with your business objectives. We’re keen to make sure these metrics are meaningful, not simply vanity stats around number of followers. You need to see engagement and conversation around your posts – after all social is working hard to amplify your brand and drive people to you – engagement is one of the first signs that they’re sitting up and starting to take notice!

Should all businesses have a social presence?

Every business should consider a social presence, for sure. Even businesses that attract a lot of negative PR. It’s an opportunity to use an instant channel to provide immediate positive responses and show your brand in a better light. It may be a tough challenge but with the right strategy, working across social and other marketing channels, you will be able to turn the tide of negativity.

What social channels should you be using?

We’ll help to make sure you’re using only the correct channels. We’ll audit what’s working and what’s not, assess where your competition are, what’s happening and important in your sector or industry, and make recommendations to you. This is about reaching out to your target audience in their space.

Is social media marketing part of inbound marketing?

Yes. Inbound marketing is all about drawing your target audience to your business whilst offering them something of value every step of that journey. Social media plays a critical role in delivering that value, driving awareness, generating interest and, ultimately, creating conversions.

Ready to see some real marketing results?

Get in touch today to see how inbound marketing and accurate tracking can measure ROI and grow your business.


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