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Taking businesses from Cambridge, and helping them grow throughout the UK

We know that the way to get impactful results is by working in the same way as any other internal department.   

Getting under the skin of your business and understanding your commercial objectives, operations and wider team helps us to learn more about your audience, and we keep that at the core of any recommendations we make.  

We’re an integrated digital marketing company, specialising in inbound marketing. That means we provide a wide range of skills and experience to deliver the full breadth of marketing services. Regardless of where your company is located, we’d love to be your Cambridgeshire-based marketing team of choice, whether right now you need outsourced marketing services to:

  • plug an interim resource gap
  • provide extra pairs of hands on a project
  • run some fresh, creative eyes over your marketing strategy
  • help you scale up with a fully-integrated marketing plan

We can provide the support and services you need  

We can provide the support and services you need.

Maybe you’re just testing the waters with some increased marketing and want to tread tentatively for now? That’s fine with us – and it’s exactly why we don’t hold our clients to lengthy contracts. We let our results speak for themselves.

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Our digital marketing services 

Let’s break down the services we provide as a digital agency. If you’re not quite sure what marketing services or support you need just yet, then do get in touch with us and we can have an informal chat about what you want to achieve and how we can help. While we advocate for an integrated mix of marketing activity to provide the best results, we’d like to hear about your objectives and vision.


Content marketing

We create powerful content that engages and converts your audience. 

Marketing automation

Automate your marketing processes and save precious time and resource. 

Lead generation

Are you searching for high quality, relevant leads with a great ROI? A lead generation strategy could help.  

Account based marketing

We develop hyper-targeted marketing campaigns that engage the most valuable target accounts.  

Search engine optimisation

SEO is at the heart of any good inbound marketing strategy. Find out why and the three core areas you need to consider.  

Social media marketing

Engage your audience and create a community with social media.  

A digital agency with passion, creativity and drive

We get to know your business and goals, create a plan of action and work swiftly – we know time is precious and our objective is to start delivering results as soon as possible.

Our work 

We work across all sectors, with predominantly B2B clients, from regional accounts through to multi-nationals. To give you an idea of the variety of businesses we work with, our clients span: Construction; environmental; sustainability; manufacturing; tech, and professional services.

As a business, we have worked with Amy and Media Matters for a number of years now and they have been critical in driving our marketing and content strategy. Very personal with bundles of energy, the team always challenge us to push further to maximise our exposure and has been instrumental in getting us a variety of different publications. I couldn’t recommend MM highly enough!

Gareth Whyatt

Director, The Sterling Choice

Questions you may have

Is a Marketing Company the Right Choice for My Business?

A marketing company might be the right choice for your business if you’re seeking expert assistance to enhance your marketing strategies, such as adopting new marketing channels or integrating marketing automation. It’s also a viable option if you’re hesitant to commit to new hires or your current marketing team requires additional support. Additionally, if you’re not satisfied with your current marketing company, considering a new one could offer a fresh approach.

Why Has Your Company Chosen Peterborough as Its Base for the Past 29 Years?

Peterborough, with its rich and diverse business community, has been our home for 29 years. Located in the Allia Centre, we’re part of a thriving business environment that includes sectors like advanced engineering, agri-tech, and digital creativity. Our location allows us to offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our dedicated and knowledgeable marketing services.

Who Are the People Behind Your Peterborough-Based Digital Marketing Company?

Our team comprises former journalists and PR professionals, qualified marketers, inbound marketing experts, content creators, and online advertising specialists. Based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, we serve a diverse range of clients from Hong Kong to Norway, Germany, Australia, and Yorkshire, emphasising our global reach and varied expertise.

How Can I Determine if a Marketing Company is the Right Fit for My Business?

Finding the right marketing company involves communication and assessing the ‘chemistry.’ Start by speaking with different companies and observe how well they align with your needs and values. Understanding the team you’ll be working with, their expertise, and their approach to client relationships is crucial in making an informed decision.

We’d love to chat!

Contact our team to discover how our interim marketing services can integrate with your business to take your marketing efforts to the next level.


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