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While your e-commerce site needs to look good, be functional and secure, it’s got to deliver a great user experience for those on-going sales. As inbound specialists we can put together strategies to help drive that all-important traffic to your site.

Working with experts

Our e-commerce website credentials



Bags of experience of working across e-commerce website projects and platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

Brand aligned

It’s our job to get under the skin of your business to guarantee your website 100% reflects you.

Keeping you informed

From the start of your e-commerce website project, to the end, we’ll provide you with regular and clear updates.

Content creation

Not only do we design and dev e-commerce websites, we’re a team of content creators so your website copy is in safe hands too!

Inbound first

Using inbound methodology we’ll develop strategies that drive traffic (and potentially growth) to your new e-commerce site.

On-going optimisation

Built doesn’t mean done! Working with us means we use data to continually spot areas of opportunity to increase conversion rates.

Questions you may have

You need a creative digital agency that can design and develop an amazing e-commerce website. It needs to look great and on brand; it needs to be designed so as users love using it and quickly grow to trust you; ultimately, it needs to be simple, effective and high impact to persuade them to go on and buy.

We work with e-commerce brands to create websites that showcase their brand and product ranges. It’s a partnership that evolves as the project unfolds and continues long after it’s complete as we roll-out the strategy and inbound campaigns to drive traffic and sales.

What is an e-commerce website agency?

Us! A team of people who have the combined knowledge, skills and experience to promote your products online through a user-friendly e-commerce website that totally reflects your brand. It doesn’t stop there though – this team needs to create winning inbound strategies that get your target audience sitting up, taking note, and coming to you browse and buy.

How long does it take to build an e-commerce website?

We’re not being flippant when we say ‘how long is a piece of string?’! You need an e-commerce site that is bespoke to your brand, so we’re not pulling a template off the shelf for you. Number of pages, design requirements, content needed, and any complex functions or integrations to be incorporated – all will have a bearing on the timeline. Depending on size we’re hoping your project will be two/three months to ‘go live’ date.

How much does an e-commerce website cost?

Can we direct you to the answer to the question above? It’s pretty much the same answer as there will be so many dependencies.
The good news is, we’ll scope out all the work required in the initial discovery meeting and provide you with a price asap so as you can make an informed decision up front on whether you want to proceed or not.

Why are we the e-commerce website agency to partner with?

We strongly believe we’re a great e-commerce website agency for you to partner with because we do have the skills and experience to design and build you a fantastic, high performing e-commerce site that’s set up to bring you revenue and growth. We won’t stop once the site goes live either – we’ll partner with you on campaigns and strategies that continually drive your target customers direct to your site.

Is SEO important for ecommerce websites?

It absolutely is and must form part of the on-going work and attention your site continues to receive. Remember, it’s a living/breathing live site, it needs support to always be looking and performing at its best. We’d also be supporting your site with strategies to improve CRO – it might be a series of pop-ups, social sharing buttons, improving checkout options or delivery tracking, as well as highly targeted marketing. Everything is geared towards increased traffic > conversions > growth for you.

How can you apply the inbound methodology to e-commerce?

It’s simple really. By using strategies including optimising categories, product tags and search relevance, and coupling with dedicated pages and informed content marketing to meet buyers at exactly the right stage in their journey, we’ll drive quality traffic right to your site, ready to be converted in to sales.

Ready to see some real marketing results?

Get in touch today to see how inbound marketing and accurate tracking can measure ROI and grow your business.


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